Quebec screendance collection

Mandoline Hybride obtains $ 300 000 from the Ambition Numérique program for its Regards Hybrides platform: unprecedented support for Quebec screendance!


Marsoui, February 3, 2021 – Mandoline Hybride is pleased to announce the launch of a new component for its Regards Hybrides platform: a collection of Quebec screendance accompanied by numerous additional content, available online from 2022! It is thanks to a $ 300 000 grant from the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications obtained as part of the Ambition Numérique call for projects launched in the summer of 2020 that this major project will see the light of day.

This collection will make available online 48 screendance works produced in Quebec between 1950 and 2020, along with testimonials, analyzes, photos and interviews for local and international audiences. From different decades, these creations will highlight the evolution of the links between dance and image techniques among Quebec artists (film, videotape, digital) allowing a range of experiences for the general public, but also privileged access to multiple resources for academics and artists. Some of these works have marked the history of dance and cinema, others are still unknown to the general public. If the collection is part of a desire for archiving, it also aims to rewrite the history of dance through its hybrid and media manifestations.

Impregnated by the decolonial, anti-racist, feminist and inclusive values ​​of Mandoline Hybride, the selection of works will be made thanks to an intergenerational and diverse committee. This long-matured project is a logical continuation of the efforts made for nearly 10 years by Regards Hybrides with local and international partners to promote cinédanse practices. In the usual spirit of Mandoline Hybride projects, the major part of the budget of this initiative is dedicated to the acquisition of works, the remuneration of artists and the creation of artistic content, in order to financially support the cultural community by this precarious period.

Mandoline Hybride’s permanent team will lead the project, calling on long-time collaborators to ensure the artistic, logistical, digital, legal and communication aspects of the project. Three main partner organizations join the adventure, each with specialized expertise and solid professional experience: Filigrane Archives will be a major partner in the development of the project, with the experience of its founder, Valérie Lessard in screendance, her skills in archiving. and information architecture, as well as her knowledge of dance history. Mouvement Perpétuel has been developing a prolific expertise and filmography in the field of screendance for more than 20 years. their contribution to the selection of works and the creation of additional content will provide a dynamic experience for audiences from different backgrounds. The Jean-Pierre Perreault Foundation has set up several archiving, broadcasting and revitalization projects of Quebec’s artistic heritage. They will use their achievements to support this new initiative. Mandoline Hybride would like to thank these partners for their enthusiasm in developing the project!

Founded in 2012 and powered by the Mandoline Hybride organization, the Regards Hybrides project aims to articulate, develop and promote practices combining dance and cinema, under the direction of artist, curator and researcher Priscilla Guy. Its web platform makes it possible to share existing resources in screendance and programs of works to be viewed online. Regards Hybrides also offers mentoring and curating services to artists and presenters to facilitate the deployment of their projects, in addition to offering support tools, conferences and webinars to stimulate the emergence of new initiatives in this niche. The biennial of the Rencontres Internationales Regards Hybrides launched in 2017 is the flagship event of the project. Produced by Mandoline Hybride, in collaboration with Tangente, this is a highlight devoted to the interaction between dance and cinema in the digital age and the development of new technologies, bringing together international specialists. The Quebec screendance collection project supported by the Ambition Numérique program is in addition to the many components of this initiative at the border between dance and digital. /

Founded in 2007 in Montreal and based in Marsoui since 2018, Mandoline Hybride is a cultural organization whose mission is the development of contemporary art. Its research, creation, production and support projects aim to (re) think about the place and scope of art in society, from critical perspectives. The promotion of emerging artists, the attention paid to the inclusion of diverse voices, as well as the importance of disciplinary renewal are priorities for the organization. Under the direction of Priscilla Guy, the company fulfills its mandate through 4 permanent components: Regards Hybrides, Salon58, FURIES, as well as a delegated production role for several artists. /

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