Regards Hybrides × Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris

Regards Hybrides and the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris are joining forces to present a program of five Canadian choreographic short films that offer a diverse vision of contemporary creation. From queer culture to traditional Indigenous heritages, friendship, loneliness, community and decolonization, the artists in this program question the world from a multitude of perspectives, with audacity, intensity and humor. Their choreographic approaches are inscribed on the screen through narrative, conceptual or abstract stories, opening up rich and contrasting avenues of interpretation. A different way to meet the artistic dynamism that is currently unfolding in Canada.

In addition, watch our 20-minute interview with Jossua Collin Dufour, professional dancer and initiator of the project “BAKER”, a tribute to Joséphine Baker. He talks about the importance of having strong role models to counter racism and various forms of violence, and of the transformative power of dance. With his art, he expresses his multiple identities and his current reality, hoping to inspire other people, as the great Joséphine Baker inspired him.

full program without interruption

Sokinaa’ Passkaan Aassisstoi (Healing Bells) | Taylor Crowspreadshiswings + Wapikoni mobile | 4min30
Gravity of Center | RUBBERBAND / Victor Quijada + Thibaux Duverneix | 14min
Le ballon de l’amitié | Dans son salon / Liane Thériault | 4min
White Noise | Joleen Mitton + Wapikoni mobile | 6min
Baker | Flamant + Jossua Collin-Dufour + Barbara Lajeunesse | 3min
– Interview with Jossua Collin Dufour, co-creator of the film Baker | 18min

Individual FILMS

Sokinaa' Passkaan Aassisstoi (Healing Bells) | Taylor Crowspreadshiswings + Wapikoni mobile | 4min30 | 2020

This short film is inspired by true events. Through a sensitive approach, we discover resiliency through dance. Taylor Crowspreadshiswings comes from both the Stoney-Nakoda Nation and the Blood Tribe Blackfoot Nation and was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, on March 12, 1993. She places great importance on her Blackfoot and Stoney languages, traditional teachings and culture. Taylor is passionate about films, powwow dancing, traditional practices and creativity through sewing. She has high hopes to make a difference in her community and to be the best role model for her daughter.

Gravity of Center | RUBBERBAND / Victor Quijada + Thibaux Duverneix | 14min | 2012

The short film Gravity of Center is an adaptation of the eponymous stage work created by Victor Quijada. Five characters encounter each other in the wake of a natural and economic disaster. Wandering through unnamed landscapes, they depend on each other for their survival but also feel stifled by their reliance on the group. Five world-class dancers embody animal instinct and human dignity in this stunning film.

Gravity of Center won Best Experimental Short and the Kodak Award for Best Cinematography in a Canadian Short at the 2012 edition of the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. The premiere of Gravity of Center took place at the Yorkton Film Festival in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, in May 2012.

Le ballon de l’amitié | Liane Thériault + Dans son salon | 4min | 2014

Le ballon de l’amitié plunges us into the universe of two fragile beings where shared moments are played out and replayed behind closed doors. The two women seek to fill the void that occupies their daily lives, to give meaning to the presence of the other and to the memory of an experience.

This short film opens with images of devastated or abandoned places, interspersed with shots showing the protagonists side by side. Gradually, the viewer witnesses the evolution of the relationship of the two characters through the changing nature of their interactions. Moments of tension suggesting conflict are contrasted with moments of complicity evoking confidence and play. The repeated appearance of an abandoned party scene, symbolizes a lack in their relationship. The places in which the characters coexist bear witness to their inner states.

White Noise | Joleen Mitton + Wapikoni mobile | 6min | 2018

Two indigenous youths, a female and a male, recreate the threat and dangers of colonization from its beginnings to the modern day. Following a ceremonial cleansing of the white influence, the two return to the land where an elder embodies knowledge and protection. A short film inspired by an original performance piece by Joleen Mitton.

Baker | Flamant + Jossua Collin Dufour + Barbara Lajeunesse | 3min | 2018

Tribute to the famous Banana Dance by Josephine Baker, flamboyant stage icon and activist of the 20s. Featuring Jossua Collin Dufour, with the song Tomboy by Princess Nokia.

Interview with Jossua Collin Dufour, co-creator of the film Baker