10th anniversary screendance program

The broadcast is now over. Thank you for attending!

A program of 8 short films to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Regards Hybrides!

Regards Hybrides is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month! What started out as a simple web platform to support the articulation and development of screendance has become, over time, a true protean project: with an annual nomadic broadcasting program, an offer of professional services, classes, an gathering-event of international scope and of course the deployment of the precious resource platform at its origin, Regards Hybrides is a unique project that does not run out of steam! For the occasion, 8 international short films are offered for free viewing from June 1 to 8. Read the full press release. >>>

In addition, we invite you to listen to the episode «Lorsque le cinéma et la danse entament un pas de deux» (FR) from Camera Lucida podcast (produced by L’Observatoire du cinéma au Québec), in which Priscilla Guy gives an update on Regards Hybrides, before engaging in a fascinating discussion on dance and film with Louise Lecavalier!

Watch the 8 films picked specially by Priscilla Guy :

«Kaduna» - Jacob Jonas, Ridwan Adeniyi & Vinson Fraley | Nigeria & United States, 2021

A movement born out of migration and distance—out of likeness and difference. In this mutually birthed language we seek to obliterate the illusion that we are separate from each other and the environment that holds us together. We are no bigger or smaller. We are a brotherhood. A kinship.

Self-taught dancers and brothers Victory and Marvel Ebinum explore familial bonds against the landscape of their native Nigeria. With original choreography by New York City-based Vinson Fraley, Kaduna features an original score by Los Angeles-based composer Anibal Sandoval, and is co-directed by Ridwan Adeniyi, member of the Nigeria-based Critics Company, and Jacob Jonas.

«Le ballon de l'amitié» - Liane Thériault, Karenne Gravel & Emmalie Ruest (Dans son salon) | Canada, 2014

“Le ballon de l’amitié” plunges us into the world of two fragile beings where shared moments are played out and replayed behind closed doors. The two women seek to fill the void that occupies their daily lives, to give meaning to the presence of the other and to the memory of an experience. Little by little, the audience witnesses the evolution of the relationship of the two characters through the changing nature of their interactions. Moments of tension suggesting conflict are contrasted with moments of complicity evoking trust and play.

«There is a Place» - Katrina McPherson, Sang Jijia & Simon Fildes | UK & China, 2010

There is a Place is video dance by Sang Jijia, Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes. The film won Jury Prize for Best Screendance at San Francisco Dance Film Festival in 2011, with many international subsequent screenings, including in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Utah & Buenos Aires.

«Private I’s» - Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy | Israel, 2012

Private I’s follows the construction, eruption, corruption and destruction of the masculine self and other. It investigates the boundaries of masculinity, and the forces that operate on the body, while borrowing from different cultures and modalities.  The movement language can be traced to traditional forms and concepts integral to martial arts. It translates it into a contemporary individualized expression in different ways, while counterbalancing it with the mundane “every day” gestures of male bonding.

«Landscape» - Terrance Houle | Canada, 2007

A short performance art work, shot on super 8 film, Landscape tells a story of a First
Nations man being chased by an unknown entity, and to finally meet his fate in the
landscape of his people. This short is inspired by photos works by the artist. Landscape were the artist meets the land and tells a story of history, place and time.

«SUPERMAMBO» - Benito González | Mexico, 2002

Made almost entirely of still images, this film plays with the concept of stop-motion and rhythmic repetition to create a danced alternative music video for the song “Supermambo” by the argentine rock band La Portuaria. Over the years, the video has served to promote the Quiatora Monorriel dance group, since its directors (Evoé Sotelo and Benito González) are the ones who appear on screen.

«Separate Sentences» - Amie Dowling, Reggie Daniels & Austin Forbord | United States, 2016

Separate Sentences is a dance/theater film that draws upon individual experiences and physical memories of San Francisco Bay Area artists, some of who are formerly incarcerated fathers and their sons. The film is an exploration of incarceration not as a single or discrete event but a dynamic process of inequity that unfolds over time, affecting families for generations. It is a testimony to the leadership of system impacted artists, scholars, and community organizers who are at the forefront of dismantling the carceral state. Read the production team’s note, about their constantly evolving reflection on the subject. >>>

«Lay me low» - Marlene Millar & Sandy Silva | Canada, 2015

Lay me Low opens a communal space of experience through mourning by bringing people together in song and movement: individual voices are woven together to make one song, steps are taken in rhythm to make one walk. Lay me low is a traditional Shaker song performed by 10 dancers, musicians and singers and it cuts right to the heart to communicate a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.